specialty formulated Compost Mixes for Happy House plants

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What is Digby Wilde?

Here at Digby Wilde we have been busy developing a range of composts specifically designed for repotting small house plants. Our range includes Cacti & Succulent Compost, Carnivorous Plant Compost and Orchid Potting Mix. Our bags are perfectly sized for repotting little house plants, without any compost going to waste.

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I'd Like to Stock Digby Wilde

If you sell plants or garden supplies and would like to stock Digby Wilde, we’d love to hear from you. Click below to find out more about our full product range and get in touch.

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where can i buy?

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Get a little brown bag of house plant goodness delivered straight to your door, via our online eBay shop.

We’re constantly growing our network with more and more garden centres, florists and traders stocking Digby Wilde mixes. Click below to find your nearest store.

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