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Hello! My name is Clare and if you’re as crazy about cacti and succulents as I am then you’ll want only the best for your little green friends. This is why, after a number of years of research and development, I have produced my own unique blend of compost, specifically designed for cacti and succulents. Initially I developed the compost for repotting my own plants but this quickly grew (pardon the pun!) into producing bags for fellow cacti and succulent enthusiasts.

Following on from its success, I have now also developed Carnivorous Plant Compost, Orchid Potting Mix, Leaf Propagation Compost, House Plant Compost and an Organic Peat Free Cactus Mix, specifically for use with psychedelic cacti varieties.

The compost comes in small bags, ideal for repotting small to medium sized plants without any remaining compost going to waste.

Digby Wilde is committed to helping the planet so wherever possible the materials and packaging used to produce our lovely compost are either 100% recyclable or have already been recycled. Every bag is hand mixed, hand packed and hand labelled by me which means I can personally vouch for the quality of the compost in every single bag.

All of our composts are available to buy online via our eBay store or by contacting me directly. They can also be purchased from a number of independent garden centres and florists, click here to find your nearest supplier.

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"Good things come in small packages!"

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